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elpresidente On October - 23 - 2009

Quique to Atletico Madrid

Quique Sanchez-FloresIt was obvious as to their poor form that Atletico Madrid, like I wrote yesterday, were going to give Abel Resino the axe. He “lost the dressing room.” Well maybe that wasn’t the obvious reason, losing a ton of games played into it as well, but the same was said a year ago when Javier Aguirre was fired. Could the real culprit, instead of the revolving door of shepherds leading this flock, actually be the inattentive and highly unmotivated sheep playing for the colchoneros?

Well, after thinking about it yesterday, the brass at Atletico Madrid fired Resino and began negotiating with ex-Getafe coach and La Liga legend Michael Laudrup. Management met with the Dane and couldn’t agree on terms, the club saying he “didn’t have that gleam in his eye” about coaching the club, and the player saying he wanted a larger commitment from the club in contract terms. Consider also a virtual freeze in transfer monies to rebuild the leaky Atleti defence and you start realizing why they couldn’t strike a deal. Look around the league as well, there are better fits for his services I think, Villareal being the first.

So instead they gave Quique Sanchez-Flores the job. The ex-Valencia and Benfica coach is a good hire, he’ll certainly have them better organised at the back, and he’ll play more contained, restrained, maybe even constrained in attack, but he won’t win any points from the particularly demanding Atletico Madrid faithful. He’s a retread as we call them here in the States. Not a shiny, brand-spanking new set of white-wall tires for your hot-rod, but a bald tire given new life with a new coat of rubber despite its age. He’ll get a shot to turn it around but he won’t get a very long honeymoon from anyone to accomplish it in. Ultimately, coaches are ground down and spit out at the Vicente Calderon. I’d wish him luck, but Quique is going to need alot more than that in the coming months.

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